2017- A Year In Review

Best of 2017

I have been having such an issue deciding on the best way to create a “Best of 2017” list. I started by trying to rank movies, but found it nearly impossible. Then I decided I wanted to do a top 30, but that is pretty ridiculous. I finally decided I am going to do a Top 25, with 3 tiers. Top Five, Runner Ups, and Honorable Mentions. Roughly in release date order.

Top Five

Get Out– One of the first movies of 2017, and stayed with me all year. This is a master class in genre bending horror, I think it should be required watching now a days, I believe Jordan Peele is a true genius.

Baby Driver– This would probably be my favorite movie of the year, but not the *best*. I think Edgar Wright is a comedy prodigy among mere mortals, and I cannot believe he translated so well to a true action movie. I saw this 5 times in theaters and was spreading the good word like it was my job. Give me all the Wright all the time.

The Big Sick– Another from before Oscar season. The Big Sick made me angry that so many Romantic Comedies are so mediocre, because it was excellent. I fell in love with every single character on screen, and I think about the emotional breakdown at the fast food restaurant wayyy too often. I am still holding out hope they get some Oscar recognition, because I adored this movie.

Lady Bird– What is there to say here that hasn’t already been said? Lady Bird is a triumph of teenage girl angst. I identified with this movie on a level I didn’t think possible, which just emphasizes how important it is to have diverse story tellers.

Call Me by Your Name– I literally just wrote a glowing review of this, so I’m not going to get too far down the rabbit hole. But sighhhh you guys it’s just beautiful and pure and perfect.


Runner Ups

A Ghost Story

Ingrid Goes West

Brigsby Bear

Wind River


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

The Disaster Artist

I, Tonya

The Florida Project

Phantom Thread


Honorable Mentions

I Don’t Feel At Home in This World Anymore




Blade Runner 2049

The Beguiled

Good Time


Logan Lucky

Molly’s Game

The Post


Movies I Saw But Didn’t Review

Baywatch– We got drunk on margaritas and Ubered to this. I don’t think I was in an appropriate mental state to fairly review this. But I’m pretty sure it was trash.

Hitman’s Bodyguard– I left this and just had nothing to say. It was fine I guess.

Their Finest– I watched this wine drunk with my family over Thanksgiving. It was good, but I didn’t like the ending.


Movies I Missed but Still Want to See


The Square

Marjorie Prime

Ex Libris

Personal Shopper

Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool

My Friend Dahmer

The Little Hours

Last Flag Flying

Killing of a Sacred Deer


What I Am Looking Forward to in 2018

First Man– I would watch Chazelle direct anything at this point, and add in Ryan Gosling, yeah I’m there. I’m sure there will be a jazzy version of a Bowie song and I will still leave thinking “how unexpected”.

Eighth Grade– Bo Burnham’s directorial debut, about middle school in the modern area, produced by A24. Yes please.

Black Panther– I keep thinking we are going to get to the point where I will be bored with these constant Marvel movies. That day has not yet come. This looks dope.

Isle of Dogs– As an *indie film fan* (I’m sorry), I love Wes and everything he does. I mean if this was just Fantastic Mr. Fox but with puppies, I’m in.

The Death of Stalin– Armando Iannucci can do no wrong at this point, so I will be watching any political satire he is producing and be very grateful. F*ckity bye.

Solo– How do we not have a preview for this yet? A little concerned, but Donald Glover is everything so let’s do this.

Ready Player One– I unashamedly loved this book, it is so entertaining. I think if Spielberg puts his heart in this, it could be fantastic. My apprehension remains about the heavily “video game” aesthetic, but I hold out hope for the best.

The Irishman– I don’t know much about this, but Netflix + Mafia + Scorsese + De Niro/Pacino/Peschi/Cannavale/Romano? How bad can it be?

Sorry to Bother You– This is coming out of Sundance well received, you know I’m here for a satire. The cast is dope too

Mandy– Also Sundance, some sort of crazy Nicolas Cage murderfest gore movie featuring a chainsaw fight. I’m just happy I live in a world where this exists.

A Futile and Stupid Gesture– Last Sundance. As a hardcore SNL fangirl, I gotta go see the Harvard Lampoon Will Forte picture.

Mamma Mia 2– Fight me. I thrive in your judgement.


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