2017 Catch Up- Raw, The Trip to Spain, Logan, and Split

Raw- I tweeted after watching Raw- I’m on a Raw food diet, it’s where you make a frozen pizza but then it just sits on the counter because it is physically impossible to eat while watching this movie. I dry heaved about 5 times, and that is probably the highest praise you can give a horror movie. Since this is a French film, I had to master the art of semi-covering my eyes while still being able to read the captions at the bottom, which I think is a skill that will serve me well through life. This movie begs the question, if you were physically pained to sit through a movie, can you still say that you enjoyed it? I’m going to say oui. 7.5/10

The Trip to Spain- I have a minor affinity for British Comedy. I am hardly an expert, but I try to keep up with my panel show clips and will occasionally binge a series if it goes on Netflix. I love the original Trip film, there is something beautiful about two pasty British men doing impressions and one upping each other for 2 hours. The Trip to Spain is more of the same, without managing to capture the same novelty as the original. But if they keep making these, I’ll keep watching. If you are a fan, make sure to watch the full tv series.  8.5/10

Logan- I watched this ages ago, but it was between its release and now. I don’t have much enlightening opinions, but Logan exceeded my admittedly minimal expectations by a mile. The past couple X-Men movies have not been fantastic, but Logan stands apart. From the first scene with X-23 fighting off her kidnappers, to the emotional end, it managed to have a standalone story and tone without completely re-writing the X-Men universe. No light feat. 8/10

Split- I actually saw Split in theaters when it first came out, but at the time I think I was too distracted with last year’s Oscar movies. But in hindsight, this was the beginning of the great year of horror. I mean a year where I watch and enjoy more than one horror is rare, let alone near 5. James McAvoy had a big year, and this was an excellent display of his skills. I picture this being in his clip queue for a while, and will probably see the third in the “Unbreakable” series upon release. 7/10


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