2017 Catch Up- Atomic Blonde, Brigsby Bear, I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore, and Landline

Atomic Blonde- I was saying for weeks that I would see this in theaters and I just never got to it, and honestly I’m surprised and disappointed in myself. Cold War, badass spies, Charlize Theron? Recipe for a bitchin’ time. And it was. Thoroughly dark and a little convoluted while packed with action scenes, what can I say? A good time was had by all. Makes me think I really need to finally getting around to John Wick. I KNOW I KNOW I’LL DO IT SOON. 8/10

Brigsby Bear- It shocks me that it has taken me this long to get to Brigsby Bear. I watch SNL religiously and have seen a lot of Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett’s Good Neighbor sketches, so I knew Kyle would play a good sheltered adult. What I didn’t know is how emotionally attached I would get to this movie. It is clearly about a tragedy, with a plot similar to Room, where Mooney’s character has been cooped up for years before seeing the real world, but in the wake of his release, the movie is filled with joy. Heavy recommend, I already bought the DVD. 9.5/10

I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore- This was a huge surprise to me. I saw it on a few end of year lists and I had completely missed it. Good reviews, comedy thriller, on Netflix. HOW did I miss this? Well I’m so glad I got to it better late than never, because this is a weird delight. One girl out for near petty vengeance to make assholes pay spirals out of control leading her and her rag tag companion of convenience (Elijah Wood) in way over their heads. I think there should be a bounty hunter spin off show. Call me if you’re interested @Netflix. 9/10

Landline- As one of 2 sisters, I love movies about sisters. I think it is an under explored relationship that has complexities very rarely portrayed well. Landline manages to nail that. Unfortunately, that is the most interesting part of the movie. There are many failing relationships, some coming of age drama, but nothing to me quiet as meaningful as the link between the sisters played by Jenny Slate and Abby Quinn. 6/10


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