2017 Catch Up- Ingrid Goes West, Battle of the Sexes, Stronger, and The Beguiled

Ingrid Goes West- I watched this in a haze in the middle of a pretty killer flu, and I loved it. I remember thinking that it was very relevant, dark, and funny, but also realistic. I wanted to re-watch it once I was not on Nyquil, so I watched it with a group of friends. Well that experience ended with a few people asking how I could find it funny since it was so disturbing. But I stand by it. It shows the dangers of social media, without preaching. This is just an issue now that we all have to deal with. 8.5/10

Battle of the Sexes- I am a huge Emma Stone fan so I am surprised it took me this long to get to this. I missed it in theaters, so when it was out to stream, I checked it out. Stone and Carrell were awesome, and the plot was great, but for some reason I could not get out of my head. I just kept seeing Emma Stone playing tennis, Michael Scott being a chauvinist pig, oh there’s Emma Stone again. This may be me, but they didn’t disappear into the roles as much as I would have liked. 7/10

Stronger- This was a complex movie for me to watch because I love Jake Gyllenhaal, but I normally find “Boston” movies to be a little grating. Tatiana Maslany was great, as was Gyllenhaal, but most of the supporting cast drove me up the wall. I know we are supposed to resent his mother and family at points, but it was all just a little much. After Gyllenhaal wakes up after the bombing, his brother or friend tells him he lost his legs by literally saying “bro, your legs bro” I mean I am sure that is accurate but oy vey. 5/10

The Beguiled- Sofia Coppola is the queen of humid, sexy female driven movies, and the Beguiled is just that. Telling the story of a union soldier given shelter in an all-female school in the south, the first half of the movie is just a bunch of women/girls in corsets lusting after an injured Colin Ferrell in a billowy white shirt. Which I get. Things spin out of control from there, as they do, but overall I thought it played as a great thriller, with Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, and Elle Fanning really shining, and showing that sometimes what seems like a dream may be a nightmare. 8/10


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