2017 Catch Up- Okja, Good Time, A Ghost Story, and Mudbound

As the year comes to a close, I am watching some movies I missed throughout the year and thought I would write up mini reviews.

Okja- Okja tells a heartwarming story about a girl on the search for a genetic super pig that she grew up with after the pig was taken away. It has beautifully shot satirical aspects that liken it to a nearly Hunger Games dystopia, while also managing to stay realistic enough to seem like a plausible future. It made me question my diet, humanitarian issues, and whether or not I am into Paul Dano. I have continued to eat meat, guiltily. Jury’s still out on Dano. May call for another viewing of Little Miss Sunshine. 9/10

Good Time- One of the highest stress movies of the year, Good Time follows Constantine Nikas (Robert Pattinson) as he goes on an all-night odyssey to get his brother out of custody. Jumping from one nightmare situation to the next, Pattinson delivers a stellar performance as he tries to do what he thinks is best for his brother, at the expense of his sanity. It watches as if you are on the same bender as Constantine, and doesn’t give you many chances to catch your breath. I fully expect for Pattinson to get snubbed come awards, and that’s a real shame. 9/10

A Ghost Story- It is amazing what you can do with a hundred thousand dollars. A Ghost Story left me laying on the floor of my bedroom staring at the ceiling distraught over my own mortality while listening to the credits roll. It is a controversial time to have positive feelings towards Casey Affleck, but he manages to emote more through a sheet than I would have thought possible. Throw in some heavy themes, quiet contemplative shots through a near empty house, and a 10 minute scene of Rooney Mara eating a pie, and you end up with a tear drenched t-shirt covering my face as I vow to call my family more. 9.5/10

Mudbound- I get physically ill watching movies about how disgusting the American south was back in the day. While I understand it is crucial to understand history, it is hard to stomach. Mudbound does not hold back, telling the story of two families in rural Mississippi, having vastly different experiences. I have continued to be impressed with Netflix’s original content, especially this year with their movies, and I am hopeful that Mudbound will earn Mary J. Blige an Oscar nomination. Also, I’m here for the “put Jason Mitchell in everything” plan, so I am glad everyone is jumping on board. 8.5/10


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