The Disaster Artist

It would be impossible to write a review of the Disaster Artist without touching on The Room. Often referred to as the best worst movie ever made, The Room is an inexplicably nonsensical movie from the early 2000s that was self-produced by the writer, director, and star Tommy Wiseau. The movie became a cult classic, with midnight showing all over the world, and leading to the book written by one of the main players on set, Greg Sestero. So the James Franco movie “The Disaster Artist” is an awards worthy movie, based on a book, based on a shit movie. Inception.

I was predisposed to like this because I love the room and found the book fascinating. Almost a psychological study on one of the strangest men in the business, Tommy Wiseau, who is played brilliantly by the elder Franco, with Dave Franco playing Greg Sestero. James really fell into the role for me, and there was not a moment where I felt like I was watching two brothers acting. I didn’t have the same experience with Dave, but it was passable enough for him to play the straight man off Wiseau’s insanity.


It is rumored that “The Disaster Artist” cost less to make than “The Room”, which is a feat considering the amount of star power. Personal highlights to me- I will watch Nathan Fielder in anything, and Zac Efron as the actor brought in to be drug dealer Chris R was incredible. Seth Rogen was also great, honestly I could go all day.

The biggest aspect that this movie had to overcome was the same the book had. Wiseau is a little bit of a maniac, who made a movie that was then ridiculed mercilessly, when he thought he was making an Oscar worthy drama. Franco and co. manage to keep a tight story line leading to a surprisingly emotional ending that had me beaming and blinking back tears. The joy of The Room is bringing people together and seeing it with friends, and I felt the same joy in seeing The Disaster Artist. 9.5/10



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