Girls Trip

Any other year, I most likely would not have made it out to see Girls Trip in theaters. I had seen ads and I was interested, but it was not the type of comedy that I would have felt compelled to catch on the big screen. However, due to the positive buzz, I managed to check out a late showing on a weekend without any other interesting openings.

Girls Trip (2017)

I go back and forth on my feelings towards raunchy female comedies. I think it can go back and forth between truly entertaining, and working too hard to prove that women can be funny. You don’t have to convince me that women are funny, it is 2017. The main area where I think we can be let down is in the writing. See 2016’s Ghostbusters, or from what I’ve heard, Snatched earlier this year. The writing makes or breaks these movies, normally I trust Tina Fey. But Girls Trip really exceeded my expectations.

While there were some moments that were cringe worthy (peeing on the zipline, mainly), it was so ridiculous I was covering my eyes while laughing. Made me think of the first time I saw Superbad, the period on the pants scene. Horrifying.


This was the first movie I had seen with Regina Hall, and she really held the ridiculous nature of the movie together against the relative insanity of Tiffany Haddish’s character, who was incredible, I’m giggling just thinking about it. As someone who is a few years removed from college, the “sisterhood” aspect really struck a chord with me, and I am delighted with the success that Girls Trip has had so far, especially considering the obstacles a black women lead comedy would face at the box office. 7.5/10


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