I decided there is not much I can say about “Life” without spoilers, so even though I know no one is reading this, I am going to go ahead a pop a spoiler tag on this one. Just in case you know. Stop now if you don’t want spoilers


I went to the movies this weekend not because I was particularly dying to see this movie, but my roommate was out of town and I didn’t want to be left alone with my thoughts for too long, or I may start questioning my existence. Again. So I went to see “Life”, and oh boy. I was intrigued by the unlikely bro-mance that the dreamy pair of Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds have been advertising on this press tour. And “Spirit in the Sky” is in the previews, so I thought this may be up my alley after all.

I didn’t have much expectations other than “scary space movie”, but it was more of a horror than I anticipated. In the previews it seemed like it would be more lighthearted than it ended up being. We had about 30 minutes of goofy science time, and then quickly took a turn towards darkness that we never came back from at all. Once the “alien” made its first move and killed one of the crew members (Ryan Reynolds! Right off the bat!), everything escalated through the systematic execution of the the rest of the space station by the “Alien”-like alien.

Lots of jump scares later and one final twist at the end that I only figured out right before the reveal, the film ended with an unresolved horror that that cut to black right as Greenbaum’s guitar riffs starts. 5.5/10



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