FullSizeRenderI had a very ambitious plan where I would have a whole “Cabaret” themed intro post, but the idea of double checking all of my lyric references sounds exhausting at the moment, so I will keep this simple. I have no delusions of grandeur that anyone will care about this blog, nor will I fight anyone who says millennials have a compulsion to have their voices heard. I am not a writer, I didn’t go to film school, I’m just a dumb idiot who is a little bit of an archivist.

A little about me, I am a “young professional” in my mid 20’s working for a tech company, doing consulting. In my spare time I likIMG_9688e to watch movies,  cook, listen to music/podcasts, read, and force my opinions onto other people who don’t care. I am from Savannah, Georgia, despite my self-proclaimed “non-regional dialect.” I loves 90’s grunge clothing and 2000’s indie rock. Some life goals include working on a movie set, hosting SNL, and finishing my fiction novelization of the early career of The Strokes.
So what are my intentions? Well basically I wanted a hub for any movie reviews, or anything I really feel like writing. Nothing important, probably just musings about Heath Ledger’s performance of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” in 10 Things I Hate About You, or whatever episode of Bourdain I am watching. No promises. But wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome, and come watch a movie with me(g). Get it?


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